Hi from JUST ALEX 

All today on telephone:                                         02392 829820

Or you can call or text us on the mobile:           07970 921 101

CARPHONE:        when Iris is a passenger    07814392456            ( wife )

email         justalex@magicportsmouth.co.uk

We  are open 8 am Till10, 30  pm         7 days  

. .Just to let you know we would love to chat if you need help  or helplines are open  now so call no matter how silly your Question we are here to help you if you have a budget  we can help ..  JUST  ALE X

Thank if you if  wish to book JUST ALEX please fill in our  Quote  page
we send you by return an Equity  Contract  as standard with ways to pay your Deposit 
we email contract back for your Approval to sign & return .....

Have a chat if you need help open from 8 to 11.30 pm 
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